DTH RS3 8V OPF 90mm valve controlled exhaust system REAPER V4

DTH RS3 8V OPF 90mm valve controlled exhaust system REAPER V4
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**DTH REAPER V4 registration-free with ECE approval**

The REAPER V4 valve exhaust system perfectly complements the sporty character of your car. Depending on the driving profile, you can open and close the system's valves, allowing your vehicle to function as a practical everyday car while also providing thrilling performance and a goosebump-inducing sound at the push of a button.

All components of the exhaust system are handmade, TIG-welded, and formed to meet the highest quality standards. All 5-cylinder exhaust systems have a diameter of 89mm.

With the patented DTH double valve technology, your car remains quiet and suitable for long-distance driving when the valve is closed.


We offer a performance package for all 5-cylinder engines with TÜV approval. The package includes:
- HJS OPF ECE Downpipe
- REVO Carbon Intake
- REVO Intercooler
Contact us for more details!


Since the standard valve control does not meet the legal limit requirements, we retrofit a CAN-bus controlled valve system. We check into the CAN module in the footwell using a special adapter, accessing signals such as speed, load, and driving profile, and control the valves according to legal requirements.

Option for Standard Control (#youwantyouget)

With a special adapter cable set we developed, it is also possible to use the REAPER V4 with the standard valve control. The exhaust valves then operate as in the standard system, remaining open in dynamic mode. This option is for export only and is not part of the ECE approval. Using it on public roads can result in the loss of operating permission.

How and when the valve opens
We develop the valve control individually for each vehicle to ensure compliance with legal limits and regulations, while also allowing maximum sound and performance at the push of a button and driving mode selection.

The exhaust valves remain closed when stationary to comply with legal regulations. In ECO and Comfort modes, the valves open at 4000rpm, enabling discreet and comfortably quiet driving even at high speeds on the highway. In RACE/SPORT mode, the valves only close within legal limits when stationary and between the 3rd and 7th gears from 20-80km/h. In 2nd gear, the valve is open (not a measurement range) and outside 20-80km/h, the valves are open. Highway measurements have shown a reduction in exhaust backpressure of over 100mbar.

Delivery Contents:

- REAPER V4 exhaust system, registration-free with ECE approval
- CAN control for valve operation
- Adapter to standard downpipe or size of choice 63mm - 89mm
- Mounting material for the system
- ECE type approval

Why DTH?
The market is full of different suppliers and exhaust systems from various manufacturers. What sets us apart?

We have been manufacturing exhaust systems in-house since 2009, and when we say complete, we mean it.

Muffler and Material:
Each DTH system's muffler is rolled from stainless steel, embossed with the distinctive stars, and then longitudinally welded. The internals of the mufflers face the greatest environmental impact; burning 1 liter of fuel produces approximately 1 liter of acidic water that attacks and corrodes the muffler's internal components. While V2A steel is water-resistant, it is not acid-resistant. Therefore, we are one of the few manufacturers who also make our perforated pipes from V4A steel.

In combination with the muffler material, we use a special damping material resistant up to 1100 degrees Celsius, generating a unique sound in conjunction with the muffler construction.


DTH systems are 100% TIG-welded. This cleanest and finest welding process involves a hand-guided TIG torch with a tungsten needle melting the material, protected from oxygen by technical gas. Additional material is manually added to create a weld seam that permanently connects pipes, valves, and dampers. However, this process has a downside; the inside of the welded pipes lacks a protective gas atmosphere, causing the glowing seam to oxidize and potentially rust over time, weakening the seam's durability. To counter this, we seal the systems with special silicone plugs and fill them with argon, creating a protective gas atmosphere inside as well. This process, known as forming, ensures rust-free, stable weld seams that last a lifetime.

We develop our exhaust systems on our in-house all-wheel performance test bench as part of a performance package. Typically, the systems can be complemented with a higher throughput downpipe/thermal insulation and a modified intake for a complete performance package. This is rounded off with custom programming/tuning on the test bench. We do not develop downpipes/exhaust systems as standalone components but ensure that legal requirements are met in combination with downpipe/intake/performance enhancement, allowing the registration of all components as a unit. The systems undergo extensive testing on the test bench and in emission labs for TÜV approval.
DTH REAPER V2 with black coated oval Tips
DTH REAPER V2 with black coated oval Tips
DTH RS3 8V OPF 90mm valve controlled exhaust system REAPER V4

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Remote control kit DTH REAPER V4
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